Of strength and strength-givers!

Spitting image, my counterpart
Faces changed, call it a dart.
You asked me to leave eventually,
Your once favorite company.
My tears seem to be endless, and so does your ignorance
Take it as my last wish,
Embrace this change
Quit the adamancy,
Give me a chance, and I’ll redefine beauty.
Don’t hold so many grudges,
For I might lose my way in the journey towards you.
I’ll have to live life in pieces,
After all, she hates me too!

I have complaints can’t address anyone to,
My situation has gifted them too
Time seems to have distributed soliloquies to everyone,
Hence I’m not alone.

Strange how the once ‘So Pretty’
Change into ‘Oh, So ugly’.
Little do they know,
I’m as pretty as I want to be.
Sweet is the taste of solitude
I’ll have you only if you taste better than that.
It took just one accident,
To melt the layer of dirt called ‘Physical beauty’ surrounding me.
My accident unleashed the beast in you.
Your thirst for my skin is clearly evident now.
My charming face kept you blindfolded, didn’t it?
But Darling I’m a trophy,
it will take a real man to achieve me.

It will take a lot more than just acid,
To burn this beautiful woman down.

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